My name is Bashar and I’m a male teenager living in Canada. I’m originally from Syria. I have two brothers and two lovely parents. English is not my first language but I think I’m good enough, always aiming to be better at that.

Now for my social life. I do have a lot of friends, people always think it’s a good thing to have… but really, you just have to be friendly with everyone. There is lots of downsides for having lots of friends. I’ll most likely talk about it in my blogs someday instead of here.

Education wise, I do get high marks. Teachers are very pleased with my grades and my eagerness to learn. I personally like learning a lot, especially Science. I have yet to pick a major that I’d like to study and be great at. I do enjoy lots of different subjects from History to Computer Science.

Online life. I like the internet, there is lots of information that you can learn and lots of entertaining videos that you can watch. I watch YouTube a lot… to keep up with the most recent news and memes.

If you’re wondering why my username is Silve. It took me so long to think of that name. First username that I liked was BHR, which are the letters from my name (BasHaR). But I felt I need to renew my identity and Silve was the first name that popped up in my head due to massive amounts of anime consumption (god damn it anime).

I think this is good for a little introduction?. If you want to contact me in any way then you can do so in this page.

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